Off Court

True, we're known for the world's best tennis players competing and winning our event each year...

But lately, it's the action off the court that has attracted the most fans and attention.

1. Take the music for example. Not cheesy wedding singer cover bands. Original, eclectic, award winning music. More than 30 bands. (See the lineup)


2. Forget event food as you know it. Yeah, we got the classics like hot dogs and pretzels. But when we say food we mean foodie-food, freshly prepared goodness from 15 great locally owned restaurants, James Beard winning chefs, no reservations required. (See the restaurants and menus)


3. Suds, bubbles, spirits -- whatever is your pleasure can be found day and night at the destination bars around the grounds. Make the famed W&S Open bar crawl and visit them all. (See the hot spots)


4. You know you need that bright pink shirt that Rafa was wearing, and you're in luck because you can buy the same one (biceps sold separately). Pick that up, along with jewelry, accessories and more shopping in the retail plaza or the giant Midwest Sports tent. (See all the retailers)



Now, go forth and EAT + DRINK + SHOP + LISTEN.